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 During conversation: One tooth feels loose- on top row, near canine. Eventually I am able to pull it out, easily and without pain, while the other person is still talking. The other teeth on either side of it feel loose as well now. The more I touch my teeth, gradually the looser they feel, like when I was a child. I imagine all my teeth being hollowed by rot, an image of a dark complex of mouldy caves, when i feel my top set of teeth slide out like dentures, and with it the bottom row, onto the grass where I am lying; in front of me, scattered closely, the fractured collection of teeth in different sized groups stuck together at the gum, dark showing through the white enamel shapes of molars, brittle from the decay inside. Like in other dreams where my teeth have fallen out, and because it is painless, I say with my bloodless gummy mouth and without any noticeable change in the sound of my voice*, nothing more than the obvious, with amazement and curiosity, that my teeth have rotted out of my mouth. The other person adds a casual remark, looking at the teeth briefly, but without the same sense of surreality.

*(because there aren't sounds in dreams, just concepts of sounds)

Ambient Dream Garden

Dear Freud's Dreams community

we invite you to participate in the creation of Ambient Dream Garden, an art installation we are building for Burning Man 2007.  The Ambient Dream Garden consists of a small, intimate space, which is filled with a constant stream of ambient soundscapes.  By moving about the structure, visitors will alter the sounds they hear via a system of laser-based motion detectors, triggering samples created from people recounting their dreams in their words and their own voice.  We are trying to collect as many mind-blowing, bizarre, frightening, fantastic, erotic, meaningful, meaningless and surreal dreams as we can, from as many different places and in as many different languages as possible.  Please consider donating the art of your dream and the magic of your voice to our installation.  If you are unable or unwilling to record your voice, but would like to contribute nevertheless, we also accept text submissions.  Follow this link to go directly to our dream-submission page with instructions.  Your dreams will only be used for this specific art project!


Thank you so very much!  If you have any questions, leave a comment in my LJ.


I had a strange Dream last night

i was in a white room, strange voices but no people.i saw a face in front of me , in a yellowish light with dark eyes like shadows , i tried to see clearer , but nothing i did helped me to recognize why i was in that room

the face started to speak told me i have cancer a cancer which will take my life in 3month
i told the face : you are mistaken , i have no cancer and i will live a long time yet
reply: no you will die in 3 month and there is nothing anyone can do for you anymore your Spine is infected with no hope of dicovery
I am getting upset thinking no no this is not true and i go through the notions in my dream

It was so real , when i woke up i thought
Is this how people feel when they get told they have not very long to live, i did not like this and it scared me very much

I am worried

Frightening Nightmare.

Hello, I am new to this community. I had a serious night mare last nigt and was looking for some LJ communities to help me get some interpretations. Perhaps you should know a little about me first. I am a freshmen in college, living in the dorms, with a roommate. She was here last night, and I got a wonderful night's rest actually, despite waking up a few times. I actually got a full 8 and half hours of sleep. Anyways, the dream was quite confusing so I will try to be as clear as possible.

It starts with me in my dorm room sitting up in my bed. I am feeling amazing stress and am trying to calm down but I can't. I keep seeing these black shadowy figures with no faces at all. They are coming at me, and at the corners of all the figures are little white lights. They are extremely bright. I am deathly afraid of them and try to cover my eyes and run away, but I cannot. These little white lights seems to have some sort of force over my body. I would try to cover my eyes but there is a magnetic force between my hands that does not allow me to cover them. And the same magnetic force is in my feet. I cannot move them to help me run away from these scary figures.

Somehow my dream jumps scenes. I am now in the grassy median of a 65-mile per hour free way. Standing there with my cousin Regina. We are talking about something, I'm not sure what. There is a really big hill on the other side of the freeway, which is random because I know the freeway and that hill should not be there. In the background I can hear screeching tires, angry people yelling, and a serious car crash over and over again. Finally I turn to look at what is happening. I see a very large hearse stuck into the side of this random hill. It looks as though it has been pushed in there by other cars. There are four caskets sticking out of the hearse because the roof of the hearse had been ripped off in the accident. There is four dead people sticking out of the caskets. Two married couples, dressed up. I cannot recognize either of the couples, and do not know who they are or what they mean, or how they died. But the cars that are on the freeway are driving up to this hearse, smashing their cars into it, and yelling angry things at these dead people. They then back up their cars, and drive away. And I remain un-phased by this somehow. This would be the point where I woke up screaming.

I cannot understand it. Obviously I am extremely confused. I had been screaming throughout the entire dream and this morning my roommate told me that she had heard me screaming all night. I really do not know what to think of this dream. The strangest part is that today, me and my cousin Regina, the same girl from the dream, were walking along a busy four lane street with a grassy median. We were walking down the middle of this median, in the grass, to get to the gas station. There was a hill on the same side of the road just like the hill that was in my dream. And that part really happened. I am really lost, and do not know what to think of this dream. Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance.


to lazy

i feel to lazy to write but this dream has bothered me so much i gotta get it off my chest

I was going to meetings with kind of dark looking ( describe black hair dark cloth white skin) people
and there where a few girls i liked and they seem to like me i enjoyed there company

it turned out they all turned into wolfe`s now and then and di some pretty odd things to people who did find out who they are, so in my dream i kept pretending i did know NOTHING knowing damm right what was going on

remembering to feel the hope to outsmart them maybe to be accepted later for my loyalty would be proven by my actions

i did not like the torture but there was one strong male whom seem to hold the key why i was there
He sort of was the balance to the bad actions of the other wolfs he seemed to create some sort of order into all the chaos

i woke up suddenly with the thought of i wonder if they know that i am a lynx

freaking me out

Nov. 20th, 2005

Hallo everyone, I'm new here. :) *waves.*

So anyway, the other night I had a dream that was rather different than the ones I usually have. I was in a huge house, playing some sort of game with a little dark-haired boy who was my cousin in the dream. The house was built tall and narrow, and the game we were playing involved running up and down the many flights of stairs, and exploring the rooms. We ran all the way to the very top level, and caught our breath. When we came back to the ground level, there was a gray rabbit in a pen on the kitchen floor, and lots of people were gathered in the living room. (I remember being angry because the rabbit had no food or water, and was being ignored.) They told us to be quiet, and get out of the house.

Then the dream shifts. I'm in a huge, open field with tons of people. There is a stable and a riding ring within sight. Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series comes over and tells me to "Put this on, or they'll know", as he hands me a suit of blue armor. I look around and realize that everyone is wearing either red or blue armor, and the colors are evenly divided in the field. It occurs to me that this is some sort of ritual-type game. The blue soldiers, including me, are given forks as weapons, while the red soldiers have swords. Sirius sharpens his fork and smiles at me, telling me I'd better get ready.

At the count of three, the red and blue begin to fight each other. There are isolated one-on-one battles going on, scattered throughout the field. I find myself trying to beat a red soldier with annoying smugness at how much better his weapon is than mine. Eventually I slip and he stabs me in the stomach. It doesn't hurt, but blue paint-smelling blood pours out, and then the wound closes up. I look around and see that others are lying on the ground with blue or red paint/blood dripping from them. The battle is over, and the red soldiers have won. We, the blue soldiers, retreat back towards the stables, pulling off our armor.

Later I am in the riding ring, cooling down an old, skinny chestnut stallion. I'm holding his leadrope and walking through the mud. After a while it starts to rain, but the water is warm and it feels good. The red soldier who beat me is sitting across the field on a giant white horse and laughing at me.

That's about all I remember.


A dream.

My girlfriend and I were traveling and we had found ourselves in a foreign country. We were somewhere in a massive complex like a mall that had a domed roof, walking along the marble flooring. As people passed by, I couldn't understand what they were saying. A language I had never heard before. We had reserved a hotel somewhere in this place, but since we couldn't read, we didn't know where it was. I attempted to talk to some people--they all looked at me questioningly and shook their heads before walking along. Finally I found someone who could speak English. I spoke to her for awhile and she advised me to go to a shop further along that dealt with tourism. I thanked her and we went over to the place that she had indicated. When we got there, I had a long conversation with one of the staff members that resulted in a map and a bilingual dictionary/phrasebook. We left and made our way to the hotel. From the outside, it resembled a European asylum. It was a whitewashed building with iron bars across the window painted white. The stairway led to a white door that had a plaque with what I guessed was the hotel's name. We entered and dropped our bags into a pile next to the counter. The receptionist started speaking to me, but I couldn't understand her. When I tried speaking to her to let her know that I could only speak English, she became exasperated and lifted her hands as if to say: "I don't know what you are saying. What do you want?" I took out the phrasebook and tried to speak with her, but she became more and more reserved, as if unwilling to even bother with us. Finally it got to a point where I was infuriated and started yelling at her. My girlfriend placed herself inbetween me and the receptionist and then took the phrasebook and tried speaking to the lady. After some time with the rustling of turning pages, the receptionist finally recognized that we were staying there and who we were. She indicated for us to follow her and as we were picking up our bags, she gave me a look of utter hatred. I glared back at her. We went up a flight of stairs and through a narrow corridor which ended with a door that had printed on it 123. She opened the door and gave the key to my girlfriend and then left without saying anything. We discarded our bags and decided to go back to the complex of stores to find a restaurant. As we were walking through the maze of shops and people, I noticed somebody. I stopped to look closer at the person, but I couldn't remember where I had seen them before. It was strange. It was like deja vu. My girlfriend asked me what was wrong and I said nothing and we continued along our way. While we were eating some type of gyro filled with strange spices, rice, and beans, with chicken and vegetables, I noticed another person that I recognized. I thought about where I had seen them. I couldn't remember. But then I suddenly saw more people that I recognized, eating and talking together in a corner. They were all people that I had gone to high school with. Unnerved by this bizarre encounter, I went over and spoke to them. Apparently they had all come over here to do a scientific study on the ways of this culture. I felt so disturbed by seeing them again after all of this time, that I told them that I had to go somewhere and left. My girlfriend asked me what was going on and I told her that those people were my former classmates and that I had recognized some of them earlier--that's why I was acting so strange. We finished up and then went back to the hotel. The door was closed and we knocked on it. As the resonating sound of the pounding increased, I suddenly woke up.


The dream started pretty freaky. I was in a poor place, for an sportive event, and I was alone, searching for something. I got lost, and the sky went dark, as if it was going to rain.

I went for shelter, in somewhere that reminded me of a poor orphanage. I was looking at the kids, and I've found a little albino girl, looking sad. I went talking to the girl, and asked what was happening.

She told me something in the lines of ''Don't leaves us'' and I went pretty... What the heck, until I've asked her name. Systa, the name of a minor character from a novel that I was working on it. I was nearly stoping to write.

The Systa from my novel was an albino as well, from a poor village. The end was weird, with explosions and all.

Maybe I was feeling bad for leaving the novel? Or just a weird dream?

Jul. 30th, 2005

I haven't dreamed in months, though a couple of days ago, I had this dream:

I was in a room that was completely empty. Suddenly the walls around me seemed to enclose upon me. I didn't know what to do. I felt threatened, panicked, suffocated. The walls were closing in on me and there was no way out. No doorway. No escape. Nothing. Only four walls coming closer, all the time closer. When they were within a hands reach away, I suddenly felt the floor begin to sink. It was as if I were in a quagmire. I kept sinking, but I couldn't move my body. I was paralyzed. Paralyzed in my movements, paralyzed by my fears. Then the sinking feeling was replaced by a falling feeling, which caused me to wake up in a sweat.
I had a dream last night that really scared me and I was wondering if maybe someone could interpret what they might make of it for me.

It started off like any normal day would. I was having a pretty good day and all of the sudden, some sort of natural disaster occurred. I can't remember exactly what it was but everyone around me started panicking. I didn't know what was going on so I stood there yelling, "What do I do?! What's going on?! Where do I go?!" For some reason, I knew that I wasn't going to survive this and that I was going to die. I kept thinking, "I need to talk to Mark (Mark is my boyfriend) before I go. I have to tell him that I love him before I die. He has to know!" so I found a payphone and, for some reason, it was free. I tried to call him but it wasn't working so I sat there and let everything just happen. Somehow, I ended up surviving the disaster but was pretty much just barely alive. I knew that I wasn't going to survive my injuries and that I would end up dying a slow and painful death if I tried to wait because nobody else was alive to find me and help me so I killed myself.

I'm not really sure but I can remember something else happening right after that. I think someone found me right after I died but I can't remember exactly.

This dream really disturbed me for several reasons. 1) It felt so real. I woke up absolutely terrified and it took me a few seconds to realize that it was only a dream. 2) I've been feeling weird for the past few weeks. I'll suffer short periods of depression for no reason at all. I'll cry about anything/everything.

I told my boyfriend about my dream and it scared him. We both believe that dreams were reflections of bottled up emotions in the subconscious mind. I was wondering what other people might make of this dream.

Thank you in advance.